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The Deal with Danny Brown

Danny Brown: A Perfect Mix of Creativity, Business Intellect, and Conversationalist Buildings and The Family Business

From hitting 92 miles per hour fastballs in his college baseball days, having an early gig representing aspiring artists in the music industry, to becoming a top producer real estate agent – Danny Brown has done it all. With 20 years of experience selling real estate on the Westside under his belt, Danny brings a unique perspective and voice to the industry, launching his own podcast “The Deal with Danny Brown,” in 2019. Danny made headlines selling the famed Brady Bunch house and continues to represent an extensive list of high-profile clients — we hope you enjoy his story.

#66: Anthony Marguleas Founder of Amalfi Estates in Pacific Palisades With Over $2 B in Sales

Anthony Marguleas is the principal of Amafli Estates a boutique brokerage founded in 1995 based out of the Pacific Palisades. His philosophy is to be very selective in hiring agents and to groom and nurture each agent at this company into becoming a 7 figure producer. He wants quality over quantity which bucks the current trend of many brokerages who are hiring dozens of agents at a time and hoping for a few of them to do consistent business. It takes a lof of time, training, education and resources to develop top producing agents and Anthony has done a fantastic job executing his plan. With over $2B in sales Anthony and his agents have donated 10% of their commissions to charities, which is over $2,000,000 since 2015. There is a lot to learn here so listen carefully and repeat.  School is in session.  

You can find the full length episode on YouTube, apple podcasts, Spotify, amazon podcast and anywhere else you consume podcasts. The Deal With Danny Brown Episode 66.

Anthony Marguleas
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#65: Stephen Shapiro - Co-Founder of Westside Estate Agency - Ultra High End Housing Market

This is the premiere of Season 6 of THE DEAL WITH DANNY BROWN. Our guest today is Stephen Shapiro, the co-founder of Westside Estate Agency which is a powerful high end boutique brokerage. He co-founded WEA with Kurt Rappaport, who is arguably the highest producing residential agent in the history of real estate. For the past 40 years Stephen has been a dominating force in the ultra high end housing market in Los Angeles. He is a trusted advisor to many billionaires and high profile clients and has been instrumental in some of the most significant ultra high end sales in Beverly Hills, Bel-Air and Malibu including the Brad Grey estate on Carolwood for $72M, the Casey Wasserman Estate on Foothill for $70M and the exclusive Bel-Air Hotel which sold for $250M. He been involved with so many high profile deals it would be hard to count them all. Stephen is a true master of his craft and has seen it all and done it all at the highest level. In this episode, we discuss his view on large teams losing touch with their customers, and the ridiculous culture of TV real estate agents and social media wannabes. You will also hear the behind the scenes dirt on some of the largest, high profile real estate deals in the history of Los Angeles. You do not want to miss this episode! School is in session.

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#64 - Skye Michaels - Head of Agent Development at Compass and the 6AMERS Club

Skye Michaels is the head of agent development at Compass and has spent the past four years as the managing director of Compass Philadelphia. A few years ago he founded a small group called the 6AMERS who start their day off at 6AM with an inspiring conference call led by Skye. This group has exploded in popularity into a nationwide call of over 4,000 Compass real estate agents. Well known as a  dynamic leader within Compass, Skye started his career as a high school teacher and stumbled upon real estate as a side hustle. He was working as a teacher all day and showing homes after school in the evenings and burning the candle at both ends. After three years of grinding and juggling two careers he earned his entire teacher’s salary in one month and the writing was on the wall.  Skye applied his energy, heart and work ethic into a full time career in real estate and brick by brick became and built one of strongest real estate teams (Real Estate With Heart Team) in the Philadelphia. This is a story of work ethic, tenacity, extreme accountability and having a powerful, positive mind set.

School is in session.

*This was recorded in March 2022 hence the reference to Villanova VS. Kansas in the Final Four and March Madness.*

Skye Michaels

Danny Brown

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#63: Steve Bram, Principal, George Smith Partners - The Art of Commercial Financing

Steve Bram is a Managing Director & Principal of George Smith Partners, Inc. He (and his team) have arranged over $4 billion of financing in over 200 transactions during his 35 years at GSP, including all types of construction, bridge and permanent financing on commercial and residential properties along with highly complex structured financing including mezzanine, preferred equity, and equity placements. Mr. Bram is also a recognized specialist in the area of hotel financing and he has been involved in over 30 hospitality related transactions totaling $350 million in the last 10 years. On a personal note Steve has been a tremendous mentor to me through out the years and is a role model to so many successful brokers, developers and investors. His work ethic is unrelenting and his reputation is meticulous. He is also a family man who puts family first and has been an exemplary philanthropist and leader in Los Angeles. School is in session!

Since the recording of this episode George Smith Partners was acquired by AXCS Capital ( )
Steve Bram

Danny Brown

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#62 - Scott Gibson - Overseeing 63 Offices and $20B & Surviving A Down Housing Market

Scott Gibson was born and raised in Los Angeles and jumped into the real estate industry right after graduating from UCLA. He became aone of the industries youngest sales manager at the Fred Sands brokerage and eventually went on to manage the Jon Douglas Company where he oversaw 23 branch offices and 1300 agents throughout California in the 1990s. When Jon Douglas merged with Prudential and was eventually acquired by NRT (Coldwell Banker) in 1997 Scott became the Senior VP of Coldwell Banker. A few years later he was named the president of Coldwell Banker in Southern California where we oversaw 63 offices and $20 Billion in annual sales. In 2004 NRT asked Scott to move across the country and bolster their East Coast operations overseeing 9 states for their Coldwell Banker, Cochran and Era brands including their most competitive markets in New York City, Long Island, The Hamptons, Palm Beach, Connecticut and New England.

Scott returned to Los Angeles and founded his own brokerage Gibson International in West Los Angeles in 2008 and after weathering the storm during the great recession Gibson expanded and flourished with the Gibson international Brand. In 2018 Gibson merged with Pacific Union in a roll up which included Partners Trust and the John Aaroe Group, and acquired by Compass in 2018.

This conversation was recorded in April 2022 and Scott may be the first high level residential real estate professional to say “we are probably in a recession” at a time when the Dow as hovering at 35,000 and houses on the Westside of Los Angeles were selling in multiple offers at every price point. In the past 30 days, the market has changed and with the continued interest rate hikes to combat inflation it appears that the peak of the market is now in the rearview window.

Hear what it takes to survive and thrive in a down market from on of the most well regarded management executives and leaders in the residential real estate industry. School is in session.

Scott Gibson IG
Danny Brown IG​​​​​​​

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#61 - Dana Green - Building and Operating the Optimal Real Estate Team

Dana Green was born and raised in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco in the community of LaFayette. Today her Compass team has closed over $2B in real estate sales and continues to be the top team in the Lafayette area year after year after year. Dana is a home grown, local expert which can only be learned over a lifetime living in the same community. There are so many nuances the average agent could never understand or articulate which makes Dana a valuable real estate consultant and influencer in the community.

Dana has also built a powerful team of successful agents and a huge staging business which has been her secret sauce defining her in a market of fierce competition. They stage almost every home they list! This is how a successful team should be run. School is in session.

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#60 Bonneau Ansley - King of Atlanta Real Estate

Bonneau Ansley became the king of Atlanta Real Estate the old fashioned way, he earned it. When he moved his young family to Atlanta in 2008, the Market had crashed and there was a mass exodus of real agents who could not hack it any longer. Bonneau zigged when everyone zagged and rolled up his sleeves and focussed on the work. He was the first in the office in the morning, and the last to leave at night, spending his hours cold calling, developing systems and focusing on keeping a positive mindset for him and his family. Over the past 15 years he has built his one man show into a 300 agent brokerage with $3 Billion a year in sales, and over $450 Million in personal sales in 2021 making him the top agent in booming Atlanta market. Here is another simple lesson in hard work pays off. School is in session!

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#59 - Steven Shane - Aspen’s Real Estate Power Broker

Steven Shane is consistently one of the top agents in the Aspen/the Roaring Fork Valley and one of the top power brokers in the nation. He sells some of the most premiere luxury ski estates in the world. His Rolodex of high profile C level executives and billionaires who rely on him for market insights, sage wisdom and off market opportunities is as impressive as anyone in the business. Moving from New York City to Aspen 25 years changed his life forever as he got married, started a family and built one of the best real estate businesses in the game. Steven is calm, savvy, methodical and strategic in his approach to high end real estate and he lives and breaths the Aspen outdoor lifestyle. School is in session!

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Steven Shane

Danny Brown

"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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Tuesdays With Danny - Best House Tours of the Week #9

1) 11931 Currituck Rd. $6.79M
2) 12310 ROCHEDALE LN. $5.5M
3) 2000 WESTRIDGE RD. $3.59M
4) 507 N MAPLE DR. $3.59M
5) 630 N ALTA DR. $9.38M
6) 616 N ALTA DR. $75,000/month
​​​​​​​7) 10584 PUTNEY RD. $5.29M

Danny Brown of Comapss Beverly Hills and top 250 real estate broker in the nation takes you on an insiders tour of the best homes of the week in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Bird Streets, Brentwood Park, Palisades Riviera, Santa Monica North of Montana and Malibu. He will show you the good, bad and the ugly and keep it real. You can follow Danny Brown on The Deal With Danny Brown on Youtube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere you consume your podcasts. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and tell a friend if you like what you hear.

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"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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#58 - Ben Moss - Miami’s Go to Sports and Entertainment Real Estate Broker

Ben Moss was born and raised in the Miami area and went to the University of Miami “The U”. His impressive real estate career has taken him to the heights of the brokerage world where he is the national director of the Sports and entertainment division at Compass. He handles the real estate for several high profile professional athletes and has built one of the most power teams in the South Florida area. In this episode we hear how he built his business and how he pivoted into sports and athlete clients. He had many obstacles and challenges to overcome a long the way and shows us once again that there are no short cuts in real estate. School is in session.

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Ben Moss

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"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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Tuesdays with Danny - Best House Tours of the Week #8

2) 429 NORTH KENTER AVE. $7.95M
3) 247 19TH ST. $9.995M

Danny Brown of Comapss Beverly Hills and top 250 real estate broker in the nation takes you on an insiders tour of the best homes of the week in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Bird Streets, Brentwood Park, Palisades Riviera, Santa Monica North of Montana and Malibu. He will show you the good, bad and the ugly and keep it real. You can follow Danny Brown on The Deal With Danny Brown on Youtube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere you consume your podcasts. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and tell a friend if you like what you hear.

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"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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#57 - Doug Leibinger - Founding Agent of Compass Aspen & Living the Mountain Luxury Resort Lifestyle

Doug Leibinger is one of the top 125 real estate agents in the world selling some of the most significant homes in Aspen and Snowmass. A native Coloradian he has been able to blend his passion for skiing, fly-fishing and luxury mountain resort living into a lucrative real estate career. He was the founding agent for Compass Aspen and has lived in the Aspen Valley for over 30 years. On any given winter day you may find Doug having a listing appointment at the AJAX Tavern at the top of the hill or skiing a few runs with his clients. In the summers he is hiking, bike riding and fly-fishing on the roaring fork or frying pan all in between showing and selling some of the most spectacular mountain estates in the world. This is what it is like to do what you love, and love where you live! School is in session.

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Doug Leibinger

Danny Brown

"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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Tuesdays With Danny - Best House Tours of the Week #7

1) 620 ARKELL DR. $88M
3) 10011 WINNETT PL. $7.5M
4) 835 SAN VICENTE BLVD. $21.5M

Danny Brown of Comapss Beverly Hills and top 250 real estate broker in the nation takes you on an insiders tour of the best homes of the week in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Bird Streets, Brentwood Park, Palisades Riviera, Santa Monica North of Montana and Malibu. He will show you the good, bad and the ugly and keep it real. You can follow Danny Brown on The Deal With Danny Brown on Youtube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere you consume your podcasts. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and tell a friend if you like what you hear.

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"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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Tuesdays With Danny - Best House Tours of the Week #6

1) 328 PECK DR. $3.695M
2) 1039 SELBY AVE. $4.395M
3) 1938 FAIRBURN AVE. $5.7M
4) 713 GEORGINA AVE. $5.79M
5) 709 22ND ST. $6.8M

Danny Brown of Comapss Beverly Hills and top 250 real estate broker in the nation takes you on an insiders tour of the best homes of the week in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Bird Streets, Brentwood Park, Palisades Riviera, Santa Monica North of Montana and Malibu. He will show you the good, bad and the ugly and keep it real. You can follow Danny Brown on The Deal With Danny Brown on Youtube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere you consume your podcasts. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and tell a friend if you like what you hear.

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"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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Building With Your Team

From Episode 56 with Stephen Ferrara - The importance of team building and its effect towards success.

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Stephen Ferrara

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Balance and Motivation

From Episode 56 with Stephen Ferrara - Balance between your career and personal life.

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Stephen Ferrara

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Tuesdays With Danny - Best House Tours of the Week #5

1) 901 N KENTER AVE. $3.1M
2) 645 SAN LORENZO ST. $8M
3) 547 16TH ST. $6.5M
4) 912 LACHMAN LN. $4.9M

Danny Brown of Comapss Beverly Hills and top 250 real estate broker in the nation takes you on an insiders tour of the best homes of the week in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Bird Streets, Brentwood Park, Palisades Riviera, Santa Monica North of Montana and Malibu. He will show you the good, bad and the ugly and keep it real. You can follow Danny Brown on The Deal With Danny Brown on Youtube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere you consume your podcasts. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and tell a friend if you like what you hear.

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"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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#56 - Stephen Ferrara - Closes over $1.2B in Residential Transactions in New York City in 2021

Stephen Ferrara is the co-founder of Hudson Advisory. In this episode we take a deep dive into the NYC booming housing market with one of the top players in New York. Hudson advisory closed over $1.2B in sales in 2021 and their team is continuing to gain market share. Stephen grew up in New Jersey about 10 miles outside of the city. He pursued a career in hospitality and worked at the Peninsula Hotel and then ran one of NYC’s hottest night clubs for a few years before pivoting to luxury real estate. Adding value and customer experience are in his blood and translated perfectly into the competitive world of high end New York real estate. This is a behind a scenes conversation about what it takes to make it at the highest level in residential real estate and how each strategic decision can make you or break you. School is in session.

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Stephen Ferrara

Danny Brown

It’s not Who sold the most homes, it’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most.

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Tuesdays With Danny - Best House Tours of the Week #4

1) 805 N Linden Dr. $16M
2) 9322 Hazen $11.9M/9330 Hazen $14.9M
3) 1326 Beverly Estates Dr. $4.1M

Danny Brown of Comapss Beverly Hills and top 250 real estate broker in the nation takes you on an insiders tour of the best homes of the week in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Bird Streets, Brentwood Park, Palisades Riviera, Santa Monica North of Montana and Malibu. He will show you the good, bad and the ugly and keep it real. You can follow Danny Brown on The Deal With Danny Brown on Youtube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere you consume your podcasts. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and tell a friend if you like what you hear.

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"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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Tuesdays With Danny - Best House Tours of the Week #3

1) 607 Elm Beverly Hills $12.95M
2) 254 Canyon View Brentwood $6.495M
3) 706 San Lorenzo Santa Monica Canyon $6.97M

Danny Brown of Compass Beverly Hills and top 250 real estate broker in the nation takes you on an insiders tour of the best homes of the week in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Bird Streets, Brentwood Park, Palisades Riviera, Santa Monica North of Montana and Malibu. He will show you the good, bad and the ugly and keep it real. You can follow Danny Brown on The Deal With Danny Brown on You tube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere you consume your podcasts. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and tell a friend if you like what you hear.

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"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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#55 - Michael Arnold: Top Tenant Broker in Los Angeles and Southern California

Michael Arnold is the Executive Vice President, Founder of the Tenant Consulting Group for NAI Capital Commercial in Southern California as well as the Vice Chairman of Global Corporate Services with NAI Global. With over 24 years of experience, Michael provides a consultative and holistic approach in assisting companies address their cultural, financial and operational issues with a specific focus on reducing their real estate spend. He’s been named Top 500 Business Leaders In Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

I know Michael as a south paw quarterback throwing touchdowns at Rancho Park in the 1980s. We competed against each other in youth sports and he went on to be a high school Basketball Star at Crossroads and had a stellar college career at UC DAVIS before playing professionally over seas for a few years. In this episode we break down the work ethic and mamba mentality it takes to compete at a high level in high school, college and professional athletics and how this translates into the business world. We also discuss the life of a parent with high level student athletes and the ups and downs and all around of travel ball and club teams. His children are all hard working, elite student athletes who have won Basketball Los Angeles city championships at Palisades High School. As a parent of student athletes, he is doing something right. School is in session.

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Michael Arnold


Danny Brown

It’s not Who sold the most homes, it’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most.

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Tuesdays With Danny - Best House Tours of the Week #2

Danny Brown of Comapss Beverly Hills and top 250 real estate broker in the nation takes you on an insiders tour of the best homes of the week in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Bird Streets, Brentwood Park, Palisades Riviera, Santa Monica North of Montana and Malibu. He will show you the good, bad and the ugly and keep it real. You can follow Danny Brown on The Deal With Danny Brown on Youtube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere you consume your podcasts. Please subscribe and leave us a comment and tell a friend if you like what you hear.

1) 414 S Cliffwood, Brentwood Park $23,700,000
​​​​​​​2) 825 Woodacres Road, Santa Monica $14,950,000
3) 960 Stradella Road, Bel-Air $8,195,000

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"It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most."

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Year End Luxury Housing Market Update: Los Angeles 2021

Happy New Year! Check out Danny's recap of the 2021 LA luxury housing market!

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The Martinez Cocktail

From Episode 50 with Eric Lavey - making the classic Martinez Cocktail

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What Commission Rates Can Tell You About Your Agent

From Episode 50 with Eric Lavey - a really low or really high commission rate can be a red flag in real estate.

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A Day in the Life of a Multifamily Home Investor

From Episode 51 with Neema Ahadian - How has Neema's morning routine led him to success?

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The In's and Out's of the LA Market - Neema Ahadian

From Episode 51 with Neema Ahadian - learn about the LA market trends to propel your real estate career!
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The Deal: Power Lunch (with Justin Bass)

Presenting a new series by The Deal Pod... The Deal: Power Lunch! Danny Brown meets with business powerhouses over lunch for a "bite-sized" version of his podcast. Join us for the first interview with Justin Bass, Danny's good friend and a top tier financial advisor.


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Tuesdays With Danny - Best House Tours of the Week

Tuesdays are Open House days in Los Angeles! Follow Danny through Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades to see some of the coolest houses on the market this week.

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#54 - F. Ron Smith & David Berg of Smith & Berg Partners: Compass Team Over $500M in Sales This Year

F Ron Smith and David Berg, principals of the Smith & Berg partners at Compass are one of the top residential broker teams in the country with over $500M in sales volume in 2021. With a team of 9 agents and 6 support staff they cover most of the Los Angeles housing market. They work their asses off to consistently produce positive results for their clients and they have a lot of fun doing it. You should check out their Tacos and Tequila events at their broker open houses on most Tuesdays.

In this episode we take a deep dive into partnerships and how teaming up can exponentially impact your business production. We also discuss building a business strategically and methodically over time. We also touch on collaboration and how this approach can launch an agent to a much higher level. So many agents are consumed with keeping 100% of their commission and will often times not get listings because they did not bring in a partner with more experience and share the commission. Last time I checked getting smaller pieces of multiple deals is much better than getting 100% of nothing! School is in session.

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It’s not Who sold the most homes, It’s Who sold YOUR HOME for the most.

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Smith & Berg Partners

Danny Brown

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972 Rockdale Eagle Rock Home Development Opportunity

3 parcels with plans to develop 3 modern single family homes with views for sale for $1.5M in the up and coming pocket of Eagle Rock Hills.

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Los Angeles Luxury Housing Market November 2021

The high end housing market on the Westside continues to churn with sales over $5M up 90% from this time in 2020. The highest priced sale on record just closed recently in Malibu where Marc Andreessen bought a seven acre estate in Paradise Cover for $177M.

There’s been 939 sales this year vs 569 last year.
87 of these sales are over $20M which is up 89% from last year.
28 of these sales are over $30M which is up 115% from last year.
16 of these sales are over $40M which is up 166% over last.

For more off market deals, real estate insights and market updates go to:
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Danny Brown - The Art of Winning the Multiple Offer

Buyers are running around in circles pulling their hair out in frustration in this frenetic housing market. They are making good offers and not getting the houses they want. Why does this happen? It all starts with who is the agent who is representing you and how are they received by the brokerage community and community at large. If you are not working with a great agent who is well liked and popular among their peers who are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. Going direct to the listing agent is not the best strategy and usually results in a buyer over paying for a home and/or not doing the proper due diligence and losing all leverage in their repair renegotiation. Saving 1% on the commission which is the standard discount a buyer receives from the listing agent is a drop in the bucket compared to over paying by 3-5% and not having an arsenal of the best inspectors, contractors and specialists picking a part the house, and a strong agent who has your best interests at heart negotiating another 1-2% back in repairs and discovering nuanced repair disclosures that were not presented clearly and will cost buyers hundreds of thousands down the road. It is not surprising that all of our most savvy, sophisticated clients always want us to represent them when they buy and never go direct to the listing agent. DON’T BE SHORT SIGHTED!

Danny Brown Website

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#53: Kenny Stevens - Premiere Apartment Broker in Southern California

Kenny Steven's is the founder of the Kenny Stevens team at compass in Beverly Hills and one of the premiere apartment brokers in the nation. In this deep dive into the investment real estate world, during COVID we explore what it takes to help navigate clients through uncharted waters in a world full of unknowns . School is in session.

Kenny Stevens

Danny Brown

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#52: Mark Cohen - Highest Producing Mortgage Banker In the Nation Tells All

Mark Cohen is the number one mortgage originator in the nation for the past two decades. He closed over 35,000 deals!!!!

He has a relentless work ethic and passion for what he does: in this in-depth interview he discusses how involved he gets in each file no matter how large or small the loan is and his keys to time management and trying to balance a big career with his family, travel, USC games, and work outs. School is in session.

To hear more interviews with real estate biggest hitters subscribe and comment to The Deal with Danny Brown on Apple, Spotify, stitcher, YouTube and everywhere you consume your podcast.

Cohen Financial Group



Danny Brown

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State of the Luxury Home market Los Angeles - October 7, 2021

The high end housing market is on fire at every price point including the ultra high end over $20M.

- Sales over $5M up 75%

- Sales Over 10M up 85%

- Sales over $20M up 73%

- Sales over $30M up 100%

- Sales over $40m up 133%

There’s also 52 pending sales in escrow over $20M which is remarkable! If you like my State of the Market updates please subscribe, like and comment to my Podcast The Deal With Danny Brown, the blueprint for success in real estate and life now streaming in over 40 countries on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Youtube.

Danny Brown

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State of the Market Los Angeles OCTOBER 2021

The state of California and governor Gavin Newsom signed into law SB8 and SB9 which will attempt to eliminate single family zoning in residential neighborhoods to increase density during a housing shortage crisis. The laws state that an owner can build up to 4 units on a Single family lot. Does this mean they can build 4 units in Beverly Hills and Brentwood park? It's not clear and convoluted at best as local zoning rules will come into play in each community and you can expect significant legal conflicts to jam up the court system as developers, residents, activists and politicians will battle it out in the months and years to come to establish legal precedents in different communities and which will clearly create mass confusion and more obstacles and loop holes to contend with.


Danny Brown

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#51 - Neema Ahadian: Multifamily Investors and the Cap Rate Dilemma

Neema Ahadian is the founder of the Neema group one of the most prolific multi family investment advisory groups in Southern California. With over a decade and a half of experience Neema sits in the eye of the storm of the tenant - landlord conflicts in the current landscape of eviction moratoriums, new zoning laws and a housing crisis in Los Angeles. In this depth interview, Neema breaks down the market nuances for investors who focus on apartment buildings and walks us through the constant pull between chasing yield and appreciation and the land mines for investors in the age of tenant rights and rent control restrictions.

​​​​​​​Why are savvy investors buying prime Los Angeles real estate at 2-3% cap rates and why so many family offices and institutional investors have parked a large portion of thier portfolios in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida. School is in session.                                   

#50 - Eric Lavey: Student Of The Game and The Good Life

Eric Lavey has been one of the nations top producing Realtors for over a decade. Like many real estate agents Eric cut his teeth in the talent agency world and transitioned into real estate brokerage in 2005.  He has built a strong, nimble team in Los Angeles and is a true student of the game and big believer in the Chris Voss school of tactical empathy. By the way, for those of you who are not in the know this an effective approach to cut through the road blocs and B.S. that we all face every day in our real estate practices. Beyond the numbers, the big deals and the brutal hours of stressful negotiations, Eric is a true lover of living the good life including travel, fine dining, fashion, automobiles and a true connoisseur of classic cocktails. I look forward to enjoying a “Martinez" with Eric at our next post closing cocktail event. School is in session.

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Eric Lavey

Danny Brown

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Do You Know How Much Your House is Worth - Jeffrey Saad

Danny and Jeffrey get real about real estate...

Full episode available on all listening platforms!

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Finding His Passion at Age 14 - Jeffrey Saad

One cheeseburger changed a man's world...

Full episode available on all listening platforms!

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The Martinez Cocktail - Eric Lavey

Full episode premiering Sept. 10th on all listening platforms!

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Don't Be A Discount Broker - Eric Lavey

Is your real estate agent there for you or just to make a quick deal? Danny Brown and Eric Lavey discuss what makes a good real estate agent.

Full episode premiering Sept. 10th on all listening platforms!


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EP #43: Becoming the CEO and Co-Founder of Tokidoki - Pooneh Mohajer

Pooneh Mohajer has some valuable stories to share about her journey from being a young entrepreneur to being the CEO and Co-Founder of Tokidoki. 


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#49 - Jeffrey Saad: Chef, Broker, Husband and A Journey of Appreciation

Jeffrey Saad has been a successful real estate agent in Los Angeles for 20 years. This is not the typical interview with a top producing real estate agent. Jeffrey Saad is not the typical real estate agent. He has been la world renowned chef and restaurateur since the 1990s and has stared in shows on the Food Channel and Cooking Channel. Beyond that Jeffrey used a negative, traumatic childhood as a spring board for a life long practice of mediation, self reflection, positive thinking and a holistic healthy approach to work, family, marriage and everything he does.

You won't find a more passionate, appreciative, and dynamic person in the real estate game. School is in session.

Jeffrey Saad


​​​​​​​Danny Brown

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EP #45: Experience is Key - Mark Pieper

Mark Pieper, CEO of ISE Baseball and one of the world's top sports agents, has some advice about success in the sports industry: Experience is key.

Check out the full episode now to hear about Mark's journey!

EP #45: Becoming a Successful Sports Agent in a Cutthroat Industry - Mark Pieper

Mark Pieper, CEO of ISE Baseball, has some stories and tips to share about what it's like to be one of the top sports agents in the world. 

Check out the full episode now to hear about Mark's journey to becoming a successful agent in such a cutthroat industry.

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State of the Los Angeles Luxury Housing Market - August 2021

The high end housing market in Los Angeles is still hot breaking price records in almost every neighborhood!

There have been 553 closed sales of $5 plus million so far this year compared to 339 last year at the same time ( UP 63%).

There have been 209 sales of $10 plus million this year and there were 110 $10 plus million-dollar sales at this time last year. ( UP 90%)

There have been 52 sales of $20 million plus this year compare to 26 closed last year at this time. (UP 100%)

There have been 15 sales of $30 plus million this year, versus 11 last year. 8 were $40 plus million versus 5 last year.

80% of our high end home buyers are American. 
Malibu has the most sales over $20 million plus with 15.

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EP #48: Managing Micromanagement - Jonathan Spears in Talking Micromanagement

Full Episode -

Jonathan Spears talks his experience managing through his company, admitting lessons taking from a "micromanagement" perspective. Letting go is important for a company to grow. Trust your people more than yourself.

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EP #48: Early Realty Days - Working For Free For the Right Experience/Long-Term Investments in Life

Full Episode -

​​​​​​​Jonathan Spears talks his early days of the real estate business, at time working for free, spending time in the foreclosure business to later use that experience to transition to developing luxury homes. Look inward to see readily resources to boost not only your business but your own self-worth.

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EP #48: College At 16?! - Jonathan Spears' Education At An Early Age & Transitioning to Real Estate

Full Episode -

Jonathan Spears is what one would say advanced for his generation. Going to college at 16, still getting rides from his mom to get an education and in that, he figured out through his peers how to relate to what people want in a home.

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#48 - Jonathan Spears - A Rising Star in Florida Real Estate

Over the past few years Jonathan Spears has exploded onto the Florida real estate scene building a young, powerful group of agents that have closed over $1Billion in sales including over $250M in sales volume in 2020 and almost  $250M in sales volume at the midway point of 2021.  These numbers are astonishing to say the least but Jonathan is a down to earth family man and takes it all in stride.  As ultra high net worth urbanites have run for the exits in big cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles, Jonathan and his group have  taken full advantage selling them luxury homes from Destin to Panama City Florida at prices once only seen in Miami, Boca and Palm Beach.  In this episode Jonathan talks about his quick decent in the residential real estate industry, being raised in a real estate family, working 24/7 and his vision to build the biggest real estate team in Florida. 

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EP #47: The First Listing - The One That Started Santiago's Rise

Santiago Arana talks about his first listing and how it led to his progression during the 2011 climate.

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EP #47: Relieving Stress During the '08 Housing Crash - Positive Thinking & Daily Routines

Full Episode -

​​​​​​​Anyone in the housing business market felt the big hurt in 2008. The crash that some say didn't know it was coming. But how to deal with the stress of all that? Santiago Arana talks his experience where getting into a daily routine, positive thinking/affirmations and looking into "The Secret" can better help you achieve what you need to strive for. There is no crazy science, it's simple synergy between the body and mind.

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EP #47: The Power of Language - Santiago Arana Gaining a Scholarship to the US

Full Episode -

​​​​​​​Santiago Arana tells Danny Brown how he got to the US by simply learning English by a pass from the Embassy in his home country of Bolivia. The things one has to do to succeed and have a better future. Arana was determined to give himself a better life.

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#47 - Santiago Arana - Top 10 US Real Estate Agent Reveals Secrets For Success & Obstacles He Faced

Santiago Arana was born and raised in a humble middle class family in Bolivia and came to United States after graduating college to learn English. He never anticipated when he landed in the wealthy town of Montecito, California to crash on a relatives couch, that this would be the humble beginnings of his lucrative real estate career. Santiago and I came up in the real estate business together and we were a part of a small group of young Turks who had great success in the early 2000s before the world blew up in the great recession and home sales came to a halt for about 2 years. In those dark days of the great real estate recession we were both under extreme stress and duress as we bought our first homes and had families we were supporting and it seemed like we would never sell a home again. At this point, Santiago dedicated his life to extreme discipline, a positive mind set, meditation and visualization and willed his way to achieve the life he wanted to create. Santi walks the walk and talks the talk and has achieved success at the highest elite level of the residential real estate industry. He puts in the work day after day and there are no short cuts. More than that he is a dedicated father and husband and is the poster boy for the American Dream. This is the story of the immigrant bus boy with huge ambitions who worked and hustled his way up to the top of the real estate industry. Santiago experienced a lot of heart breaks, disappointments, obstacles and road blocks on this path to greatness and he shares them in this episode of The (real estate) Deal With Danny Brown.

​​​​​​​Santiago Arana


​​​​​​​Danny Brown

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State of the Market Los Angeles JUNE 2021

Single family luxury home sales over $5M are way up in the Los Angeles housing market for the first half of 2021. Total homes sold is up over 200% compared to last year at this time and the total sales volume is up 100%. Average price remains steady at $11M and average price per square foot remains steady at $1,600 Per square foot. Some of this has to do with the slow 2nd quarter in 2020 when COVID shut down the market and some of it is the consistent high demand for blue chip real estate in strong locations and low interest rates. We expect to see the velocity continue at all price points in the second half of 2021 as the supply side is low and the demand at every price point is robust and screaming hot at the entry level price points. ​​​​​​​

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EP #22: Our Dreams And How Genres Move & Bring People Together - KROQ's Stryker And Authenticity

Full Video -

You wouldn't believe that Stryker was practically trying to get rid ofDanny Brown asks Stryker about his dream job and to answer that, television is a continuing interest. Mental health can make or break you in the business. It's important to reach out when you're not feeling 100%.

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EP #22: Always Remember to Press "RECORD" - KROQ's Stryker Almost Lost the Tom Morello Interview

Full Video -

Stryker tells a funny story about an interview with Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello who could have lost his job by not pressing that holy of holy buttons - the record button. How did Morello react? Watch and learn.​​​​​​​
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EP #23: The Early Coachella Years - KROQ's Stryker Tells His Duties During Year One

Full Video -

You wouldn't believe that Stryker was practically trying to get rid of FREE Coachella passes just to draw people to a somewhat empty Rage Against the Machine set. How time and culture changed since.

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EP #15: Prescription Drugs & Sex Drive - THC And Its Benefits In Maintaining A Healthy Libido

Full Video -

Yes, cannabis can enhance men & women sex drive.
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EP #15: Understanding The Usage And Safety Of Consuming Cannabis - Dr. Sherry Yafai Explains

Full Video -

A little education on anything goes a long way.  Its gone too far the smearing of cannabis. It's a lot harmless than some people think.​

#dealpod#cannabis #drsherryyafai

EP #15: Dr. Sherry Yafai Gives A Brief Cannabis 101 History Lesson, Where Did USA Get Involved

EP #47: Lee Syatt And "The Stars Of Death" - How It Lead To That Moment

Original episode



EP #47: How Lee Syatt Met Joey Diaz And The Rest Is History

Original Video



EP #47: Lee Syatt On How Podcasts Got It Start And Where He Landed During The Inception

Original episode



#47 - Lee Syatt - Early Pioneer of Podcasting/"The Church of What’s Happening Now with Joey Diaz"

Lee Syatt is one of the early pioneers in the podcasting industry co-hosting and producing numerous ground breaking podcasts including "The Church of What’s Happening Now with Joey Diaz", and his current podcasts "Lee Syatt: What was I thinking" and "The Waistline Podcast”. He even helped launch and produce my podcast The Deal With Danny Brown and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Lee’s guidance, knowledge and encouragement throughout the past few years. Lee is calm and cool, although he doesn’t think so, and he is an all around fantastic dude. He is definitely one of the good guys and an easy person to route for.

Enjoy our conversation and banter about the early days of podcasting and how we got to where we are now and make sure to tune into his new podcasts which are raw, poignant, honest and pure fire! School is in session.

​​​​​​​Church with Joe Rogan Joey Diaz & Lee Syatt

​​​​​​​What Was I Thinking

The Waistline Podcast

​​​​​​​The Deal With Danny Brown

State of the Housing Market Los Angeles March 2021

Single-family home sales in Los Angeles Priced from $3 million to $150,000,000.

Sales unites are up to 40% at 337 units compared to the same time last year. Sales volume is up 35% at 1.9 billion. Price per square foot has remain the same with a median price of $1000 per square foot and average price has remain similar around 5.5 million.​​
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EP #10 Laura Wilson Founder of Natural Pilates - Growing up in Romania With No Showers & Little Food

EP #10: Laura Wilson CEO Natural Pilates - Hustling & Grinding Her Way to the American Dream

EP #10 Laura Wilson Founder of Natural Pilates - Growing up in Romania With No Showers & Little Food

EP #02: Alison Palevsky Designer & Taste Maker: Work Life Balance Does Not Exsist

EP #02: Alison Palevsky Interior Designer: Hotels You Have To See

#002 - Alison Palevsky Talks A Bidding War On A Great Property Opportunity

#001 - Jim Travers Talks Experience Molding Your Persistence in the Real Estate Business

#001 - Jim Travers Talks His First Deal & Balancing Academics

#001 - Jim Travers Explains Adapting To Different Levels Of Real Estate Companies

#006 - State of the Real Estate Market 11/06/20

Hosted by Danny Brown with Chris Rising, Jay Luchs, Jim Travers & Andrew Kirsh

In this special edition of ”The Deal With Danny Brown” podcast Danny Brown ( moderates a timely real estate panel with some of the most influential names in commercial real estate.  Don’t miss this powerful discussion about tenants, landlords, brokers, attorneys and everything in between during this time of Covid-19. This is real talk about what is going on in the trenches right now at the highest levels of real estate.

Chris Rising is the CEO of Rising Realty Partners (  which owns and operates over 5,000,000 square feet of Class A office space in Downtown Los Angeles and throughout the Western United States.

Jay Luchs is the Vice Chairman at Newmark Frank (  \and arguably the most successful retail broker in America specializing in high end fashion and luxury brands.

Jim Travers is a Principal at Cresa ( and over the past forty years has completed some of the largest and most complex office tenant deals on the planet.

Andrew Kirsh is the co-founder of Sklar Kirsh ( a prominent Law Firm in Los Angeles where he runs the real estate group.

#dannybrown #dealpod #stateoftherealestatemarket

#005 - Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate - The State of the Housing Market

In this covid -19 special episode Danny gives a summary of the westside Los Angeles housing market and he brings two seasoned real estate veterans  to discuss the multi-family apartment sector and the lending/banking sector to discuss how tenants, landlords, borrowers and lenders are navigating the crisis.

Top multi-family broker Kenny Stevens, Principal of the Kenny Stevens Team at Compass speaks about rent deferral negotiations and tenant-landlord issues, and Romy Nourafchan of Insigna Mortgage breaks down the lending environment during Covid, what lenders are requiring from borrowers today and the severe credit impacts brought on by mortgage forbearance. 


#004 The State of the Housing Market in Los Angeles

Danny Brown hosts a zoom call to discuss the new normal during the time of Corona and how it's impacting the westside L.A. housing market.He covers how properties are being shown and sold and how sales volume has dropped dramatically over the past few weeks.

Danny also breaks down the housing market in 2008 before the great recession housing crash compared to the housing market in 2019 leading up to the Coronavirus shutdown.On this Zoom call Danny is joined by top escrow officers, title officers, financial advisors, hedge fund managers, real estate brokers, real estate investors and other who contribute their opinions in an open forum towards the end of the call. 

#003 The Deal - The Corona virus residential real estate update for Los Angeles April 2020

The residential real estate market has screeched to a halt over the past week. The buyers have hit pause and many sellers have withdrawn their listings from the MLS. There’s been no new transactions except for a few exceptions. The closed sales over the past 30 days have been robust but that’s a trailing indicator.   Of the deals that have closed on average there’s been a 5-7 percent discount from previous comparable sales.

With the lack of transactions happening right now I’d imagine the price compression will get more intense as only sellers that have to sell will transact and with shelter in place orders we are not allowed to show properties in person.

This is all changing quickly and everyday is different. Hopefully, we will all stay home and stay healthy and allow this horrendous virus to pass. Thank you to everyone on the front lines risking their lives for us! In the meantime, be with your families, take long walks, ride bikes, read, reflect and reset our priorities so we come out of this as a stronger more empathetic community.

#002 Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate - Is the $100M home the new normal In LA?

When the Playboy mansion traded hands in 2016 to 33 year Darren Metropoulos the infamous 7 acre estate blew the doors off of all previous Los Angeles home sales records. Here we are a few years later and there has been six recent sales over $100M in Los Angeles including Jeff Bezos $165M purchase of David Geffen's house, the original Jack Warner estate.

It appears generational estate homes with acreage and provenance are striking a nerve with billionaire home buyers from around theglobe who want to have a flag in the ground in Los Angeles.

Lachlan Murdoch set the Los Angeles record in December when he bought the 25,000 square foot Chartwell estate which was eclipsed by Mr. Amazon last week. Other recent $100M sales include Ron Meyer's Malibu Paradise Cove (yes the same one that Ovitz blew a gasket over years ago when Ron beat him to the punch), the Spelling Manor aka Petra's Crib, Bruce Makowsky's Bel-Air spec with the helipad and the Enchanted Hill, a large piece of land with views for days owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Mr. Bezos acquired the land last week in a separate sale for $90M. Let's not forget Gary Winnick's glorious 40,000 Square foot Casa Encantada is on the market for over $225M, the historic Owlwood Estate is on the market for what now seems like a modest at $115,000,000 and uber luxury developer Nile Niami's piece de resistance "The One", a 100,000 square foot modern masterpiece with a Monaco style casino and night club, is quietly being shown off market for an incomprehensible $500,000,000.

#001 - Jim Travers - Godfather of Tenant Rep

Jim Travers, the Godfather of Tenant Rep, discusses how he got his start in New York commercial real estate, moving to Los Angeles in the 1970s when it was wide open, some of his biggest deals and how the commercial real estate landscape has changed.

Other Videos

October 2020 Los Angeles Housing Market Update

The entry level is still on fire in the $1m - $10m range.  High end over $15m has slowed down to a halt with nothing going into escrow over the last few weeks. Election jitters have set in but sub 3% interest rates has kept the entry level and middle markets charging forward.

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Video Tour 919 Chantily Road Bel-Air

Escape from the hectic city below in this move-in ready Nantucket traditional home in lower Bel-Air.  Just a few minutes from Sunset & Set in a transquil setting surrounded by mountains and trees and magificant estates.

August 2020 Los Angeles Housing Market Update

Average price is $2,890,000 up 5.5% from August 2019.

Average Price per square foot is $1,045 psf up 9% from August 2020.

2019 Units sold = 380
2020 Units sold = 368

Sales over $5M in the luxury markets are on par or a bip up from 2019 so far in 2020.

This is for Single Family Homes over $1M sold in the MLS.

2332 Prosser Ave in Rancho Park / Westwood , Los Angeles

Rennovated contemporary Spanish on Spacious corner lot in prime Rancho Park.  4 bedroom, 4 bathroom plus detached office.  Sports court, organic vegtable garden and citrus, avacado and apple trees.  Modern high end upgrades.

Los Angeles Housing Market Update July 5th, 2020

Velocity is strong at all price points even the ultra high end.  Interest rates, limited inventory and buyers desire to Improve their personal space during quarantine are levers pushing the market forward.

Single family home sales in the MLS for June 2019 Vs. June 2020 From Santa Monica to Los Feliz are as follows:

Number of homes sold are down -25% 442 sales in 2019 and 312 in 2020.
Sales Volume is down -11% $1.051B in 19 and $1.034B in 20.
​​​​​​​Home sales over $10M are up 100% with 8 in 2019 and 16 in 2020.

17351 Sunset Blvd. #2D Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Sophisticated Urban Modern Condo where Sunset Blvd meets the Sea at The Rockwell. Bright, upgraded unit with highly desirable floor plan and location in the building. Gorgeous Herringbone wood floors, Spectacular high end kitchen with gracious marble island, beautiful cabinetry opening up to the family room/media area.

The wide open floor plan flows into a huge South West facing Terrace which has lush greenery capturing an indoor-outdoor living experience. Large 1 bedroom master suite with custom designer walk-in closet and clean, white Luxe marble bathroom.

​​​​​​​An oversized loft which could be used as a guest room, office or gym. Automated Lutron system controls lighting and window coverings. 2 parking spaces, extra storage & earth quake insurance. Organic cafe next door for fresh food, a market across the street, close to Gladstones, the beach, surfing, hiking trails and breathtaking Sunsets. Modern, Coastal living at its finest.

State of the Housing Market Los Angeles June 17, 2020

In this State of the Housing Market, Danny Brown leads a panel of industry icons Tommy Beadel, CEO & Founder of Thomas James Homes which currently has over 200 Single family houses in development throughout the westside of L.A. and Mark Cohen, CEO of Cohen Financial the top mortgage loan originator in the nation funding over $10B and over 18,000 loans closed.

​​​​​​​We are in unprecedented times and these real estate heavy weights break down statistical data, housing trends, the tightening lending environment, buyer demand, supply side issues and give us insight  on what to expect in the housing market in the second half of 2020 and 2021.  For anyone interested in the housing market this is invaluable information that you don’t want to miss.

State of the Los Angeles Housing Market

9 weeks into shelter in place and summer is right around the corner. Are we are seeing some signs of normalcy and green shoots in the housing market?   Well, it depends on the price point, the location and the condition of the home.

​​​​​​​The single family market under $3M is strong on the westside of Los Angeles and SFR under $2M is very competitive. We are still seeing multiple offers when an updated home on a great street hits the market.  Keep in mind, there was not much inventory at the entry market pre-covid and when sellers withdrew listings in March and more sellers postponed plans to list their homes the housing squeeze became palpable. This is Compounded by the Sub 4% 30 Year interest rates and sub 3% adjustable loans.

​​​​​​​It seems above $3M the market is still slow and there hasn’t been many trades. That said, over the past few weeks there has been a clear uptick in showing requests and buyer interest in the middle market ($3M-$10M) and the high end ($10M+) and a $34M home in Beverly Park, a $15M in Brentwood Park and a $15M home in Bel-Air all went under contract in May. There’s been 27 SFR sales over $3M in May so far. There was 65 closed sales over $3M in the MLS for all of May last year and we have 23 sales over $3M in the MLS with a week left in the month.  Transactions are down about 50 percent.  

It’s still too early to assess any price adjustments.   Overall, we are seeing prices hold at the under $3M level and price adjustments o  Average 5-7% in the over $3M depending on the location and price. In the next 60 days we will see the new comps for the houses in escrow which will give us better sense of pricing adjustments.

Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate - What do I disclose when I sell my house?

This is a common question I get from sellers on a daily basis.  The quick answer is to disclose anything and everything that you would want to know if you were the buyer. If this does not resonate with you, then how about disclosing all current issues, and all past issues that have been repaired. When you disclose everything you have no disclosure liability after you sell your home.  

The big ticket items that often end up causing law suits are moisture intrusion issues such as past leaks, floods, other water related issues and mold remediations. Many seller are misinformed and think that if they have repaired a roof leak or remediated mold in the past they do not need to disclose it. 

They are dead wrong!  Of course, there are many other issues that need to be disclosed like robberies, non permitted remodels, noise nuisances like a dog that barks for hours at time to name a few. In this litigious world we live in, I always advise my sellers to over disclose so that they do not get caught in a law suit down the road.

General Videos/Podcast

#059 - Brett Baer - Founder of Vesta Homes - Taking Luxury Home Staging to the Next Level

Brett Baer has bridged the gap between art and commerce in the luxury housing space quite well.  After getting his MBA,  Brett joined his aunt’s staging company Meredith Baer Homes and helped build it into a global staging juggernaut which was the first of it’s kind serving clients all over the nation.  In 2017, Brett went out on his own and launched a new venture Vesta Homes which has rapidly become one the most in demand staging companies in the nation serving over 2,000 luxury home projects in multiple states including California, New York and Florida. He is also developing proprietary technology to allow clients, designers, builders and brokers to digitally source their preferred  furnishings from the Vesta digital warehouse catalogue from the comfort of their own iPhone or desktop. This technology will change the game and maximize efficiencies so designers and clients can collaborate in real time.

This is a rare behind the scenes look into the luxury home staging world.  School is in session.

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Del Alexander


Danny Brown​​​

#058 - Mark Pieper - One of Baseball's Top Agents - Arbitration & Blockbuster Free Agency Deals

Coming from a working class family and growing up on the south side of Chicago most of Mark’s friends and family were not expected to go to the University Michigan, let alone North Western Law School.  Mark Pieper took the road less traveled and used his intelligence, work ethic and people skills to earn an elite education before starting a career in representing professional athletes.   Mark is the CEO of ISE Baseball and was named #20 sports agent in the world by Forbes magazine in 2020. He represents or represented some of the best professional baseball players off all-time including David Ortiz aka Big Pappi, Mariano Rivera, Justin Verlander, Jordan Zimmerman, Justin Morneau and Miguel Cabrera.  In this episode Mark break down the arbitration process and the free agency negotiations taking place behind the scenes as we head into the 2021 MLB season.

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Mark Pieper​

The Deal Pod​​

Danny Brown​​

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#057 - Del Alexander - From USC to Notre Dame Football Coach

From USC to Notre Dame Football Coach  - What it Takes to be a Coach at a  Big Time Division 1 Football Program

Del grew up in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980’s which was like living in a war zone. As the crack epidemic exploded, the violent gang culture grew exponentially and Crips, Bloods and Latino gangs fought violent turf wars to control the drug distribution on the streets. Fortunately for Del, the Los Angeles Unified School District started busing children from South Central, Watts and East Los Angeles to better neighborhood schools located on the Westside of Los Angeles. This was an opportunity to escape the horrors of gang life in South Central L.A. at least between the hours of 8AM-3PM Monday through Friday. Del took full advantage of the opportunity and started to focus more on academics and athletics where he became a standout in track and football in high school. After being recruited to West Los Angeles Junior college for track, Del decided to pivot to play football full time which changed the trajectory of his life. Del developed into a talented wide receiver in college and was recruited to USC by legendary coach John Robinson. His life came full circle as he now was playing on Saturdays in front of 90,000 fans at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum just a few minutes away from where he grew up. Del flourished at USC in his role as a back up wide receiver to future NFL greats Keyshawn Johnson and Johnnie Morton and impressed his coaches with his mental mindset, leadership skills, intelligence and work ethic. As a result, after graduating from USC and finishing his football career his coaches offered him a graduate assistant position and he began his career as a division 1 football coach.

Del is currently the wide receiver coach at Notre Dame and plays a crucial role in their national recruiting which keeps him extremely busy with a hectic travel schedule during the off season. He is a well regarded in the Division 1 coaching community and coveted as a Division 1 offensive coordinator and future head coach candidate. During his prestigious coaching career he has held various coordinator and assistant positions at power house programs such as USC, Arizona State, Oregon State, UNLV and Wisconsin and has mentored several NFL receivers and hundreds of young men who have gone on to get degrees and enter the work force.

This is a story about persistence, drive, work ethic, vision, leadership and never allowing external distractions, or excuses, to knock him off his path to greatness. School is in session!

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Del Alexander​​

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#056 - Pooneh Mohajer: CEO And Co-Founder of Tokidoki/COO And Co-Founder of Hard Candy

Pooneh has lived the entrepreneur life for the past 25 years and has experienced the trials and tribulations of starting and scaling a business.  She is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Tokidoki a sought after global lifestyle brand with a cult like following which has had partnerships with Hello Kitty, Karl Lagerfeld, LeSportsac, Barbie, Sephora, Marvel and many others.  She also cofounded Hard Candy, the ground breaking nail polish and cosmetics brand, with her sister Dineh which they scaled and sold to LVMH, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, in 1999.

In this fascinating interview Pooneh walks us through the early days of Hard Candy, when her sister was creating and mixing colors for their revolutionary nail polish in a bath tub, selling their first bottle on consignment at Fred Segal and the complexities of a family partnership.  We also touch on how her and her ex-husband, serial entrepreneur Ivan Arnold stumbled upon Simone Legno's brilliant artistic universe and the vision which led to the formation of Tokidoki. Pooneh has experienced the pitfalls of start up culture, the challenges of explosive growth, the euphoria of selling to a large multinational conglomerate and the hundreds of interconnected relationships which can make you or break you.

This is a true testament to mental toughness, grit, passion and perseverance the core ingredients behind every successful endeavor. School is in session.


Simone Legno​

Pooneh Mohajer​

The Deal Pod​​

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#055 - Steve Levine - Follow Your Bliss: How a Surf Trip to Bali Changed His Life Forever

Steve Levine may really be the most interesting man in the world. From a young age growing up on the Westside of Los Angeles he had a zest for  adventure and was  particularly lit up by his passion for surfing.  This first led him to attend college in Santa Cruz where he charged infamous surf breaks like Mavericks with menacing waves in frigid waters littered with great white sharks.  
Coming from a prominent real estate family, Steve was expected to go to law school after college and was on a trajectory for a lucrative career as a power broker in Los Angeles.  A surf trip to Bali in the early 1990s changed his plans.  After becoming close friends (and eventually business partners) with a local gentleman from Uluwatu Steve decided to take the road less travelled.  He followed his bliss and gave up everything and everyone he knew in Los Angeles to build a new life in Bali.  After immersing himself in the local culture for many years and learning the language Steve became a well known local figure in Uluwatu and forged strong relationships throughout Indonesia.  Luck , timing and tight relationships put him in a once in a lifetime position to acquire a significant ocean front parcel overlooking the infamous Uluwatu surf break from a local family.  This moment set Steve on a path he still follows today.

Over the years, with his local partner, developed a luxury boutique hotel in front of the famous surf break and a second surf camp on a remote island with 30 inhabitants. This is a unique story about following your bliss, turning your passion into your life’s work and seizing the opportunity when it arrives.

Steve Levine​​

Danny Brown​​​



Jason is the Co-Founder/CEO of Comparably, the Entrepreneur in Residence for the City of LA, & host of "Startups Uncensored" where he’s interviewed top CEOs from Zillow,  Docusign, Task rabbit, Survey Monkey and many more. He founded Docstoc & sold it to Intuit and is a frequent contributor to WSJ & Forbes.  He is in the eye of the storm when it comes to Silicon Beach and tech start ups and is very influential in the tech space.  In this engaging interview, Jason talks about growth hacks for start up businesses and gives us an inside look at the rarified air of venture capital, Silicon Valley and what it takes to build a start up, scale smartly and exit at a viable valuation.  In all businesses Jason says, “working smarter is not working less.  It’s working hard on the things that matter.”  I could not agree with him more.  If you are going to succeed in tech or any other business you will need to be relentless, persistent, enthusiastic, efficient, quick to adapt and pivot and consistently working hard on the right things.

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#053 - Bruce Smiley - Get Up Earlier And Get A Head Start

Bruce Smiley is one of the most prolific real estate attorneys in the country representing some of the biggest companies and institutions in the world.  His law firm Freeman, Freeman and Smiley is a a nationally recognized full service real estate firm full of top tier litigators, expert negotiators, astute business advisors and savvy tax and estate planners.  Even after all of his success he still feels like an underdog compared to the global mega law firms he competes with and against.  His secret sauce is to work 100 times harder and smarter than everyone else.  He gets up early and has a half day of work before most of us wake up for breakfast and by lunch time he has full day under his belt.  This work ethic gave Bruce the freedom to leave work in the late afternoons to attend his children extra circular activities.  After dinner he works a few more hours from his home office.  He did not reinvent the wheel he created a life hack by waking up a few hours earlier.  Bruce has tremendous insights and wisdom gathered from decades of building long term relationships, caring deeply about his clients, balancing family and work and maintaining a David VS. Goliath mindset no matter how successful you get. School is in session.​ 


#052 - Josh Booty - Louisiana Phenom Shares Insight About Business & Life After MLB & NFL Career

Josh Booty is a Shreveport Louisiana Native with a long family blood line of athletic greatness which includes his father who was a football high school All-American and two out of his three brothers (John David "JD", Abram & Jack) played in the NFL.  Josh was the 1993 High School National Football player of the year and shared many prestigous National player of the year awards with Peyton Manning. He was also a 4 time All-State Shortstop and an all-American shortstop as a senior where he played on the Junior National Team and won a silver  metal.  After being heavily recruited in both football and baseball by LSU and other power house programs, Josh was chosen in the first round/5th pick of the 1994 major league draft by the Florida Marlins and opted to sign a record breaking $1.6M signing bonus.

Josh quickly worked his way up through the minor league system and made his big league debut with the Marlins.  In 1999, after 5 years of professional baseball Josh’s passion for football won out and he signed to play for Nick Saban at Louisiana State University (LSU)/  Booty had a stellar career at LSU and was named to the first team all SEC after a successful season which concluded with defeating #15 Georgia Tech in the Peach Bowl.  He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks and played 5 years in the NFL with the Seahawks, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders before hanging up the spikes and pursuing a business career.

Early in his athletic career Josh knew that no matter how successful his professional sports career would be he would need to prepare for a life after sports.  He always networked and treated people well a long his journey and it paid off handsomely as a lot of his former classmates and friends have become business partners and assocaites.  This is a crucial lesson about social netowrking and social equity for young athletes at every major university. Most young athletes do not realize they have the most amount of social equity and influeunce during the short 6 year window of high school and college sports where they should be building deep realtionships with classmates and the community around them which will set them up for a life and career after sports.

Today Josh is a serial entrepreneur and does business development and consulting for many corporations in tech, healthcare, media and other industries.  The time management skill set and work ethic he honed during his athletic career have transferred well as Josh is continuously wearing a lot of hats and juggling multiple projects for the various companies he is working with .  He also keeps his eyes on SEC football and hosts an awesom football podcast SECQB on the Bleav Podcast Network which gives you an up close and personall insiders look at SEC football.

@joshbooty10 on instagram. @thedealpod @dannybrownla

The Deal With Danny Brown

#051 - Iverbe Day Camp and the Weiss Brothers Story

Marc and Brent Weiss have reinvented the summer day camp experience in Los Angeles. When they founded Iverbe Camp (named after Kobe Bryant & Allen Iverson) in 2004 they started with 20 kids, limited resources and a ton of spirit, passion  and imagination. Now years sixteen years later they have over 700 children and 70 employees in 3 locations in Los Angeles each summer, and host winter camps and other fun programs for children year round. In our day and age of screens and video games it has been harder and harder for parents to get their kids outdoors and moving their bodies and stimulating their minds. Good old fashion fun in a safe, nurturing environment is what Brent and Marc have cultivated at Iverbe. It is a complex balancing act for sure as they infuse their camps with soul, laughter, empathy and timeless values that will benefit the campers on their journey wherever they end up. Iverbe is a true partnership and a family business that touches so many lives in a positive way. The Weiss brothers walk the walk and have taken summer days camp to another level.

Iverbe Day Camp
Brent Weiss

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#050 - Geoff Jenkins - USC Baseball and Milwaukee Brewers Legend Talks Life after Baseball

Geoff Jenkins and I played ball together at USC and I often joke and tell people that Jenks put me into early retirement. It’s not entirely true, but when I went to USC 9 guys on our baseball team ended up in the big leagues, including some guys that sat on the bench.

In this episode we rehash old college stories including losing to Cal State Fullerton in the 1995 National Championship game. Geoff walks us through the grind of the minor leagues, the influence that USC head Coach Mike Gillespie had on him, winning a World Series and building a life after baseball as a dad, husband and a business person. Geoff is a fantastic guy and It was awesome to catch up with him.

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#049 - Jay Walker - Getting Respect in the Hood and the Board Room

In this episode I get deep and personal with one of my life long close friends Jay Walker.  Jay and I have been friends since grade school and played ball Together first at Rancho park and in high school at University High in West Los Angeles where we both were standouts on the baseball and football teams.

After high school Jay was drafted by the Angels as a pitcher and played in their farm system for a short stint before pivoting and going to college to focus on football.  He landed at Howard University where the legend of “Sky Walker” was born as he set the record books on fire his senior year becoming the ESPN college football player of the year, and leading Howard to an undefeated season and National Championship.  He faced and defeated Steve “Air” McNair in a college quarterback shootout for the ages.  Jay was drafted by the New England Patriots and played for Bill Parcels and then Dennis Green and the Minnesota Viking before retiring a pursing a career in finance.  He was named to the Howard University Hall of Fame in 2005.

Jay is currently the CEO and President of Walker Financial and is a college baseball and college football commentator for ESPN including his popular “Gimme Five” show on ESPN.  He also has been serving in the Maryland House of Delegates for 14 years where he pushed for financial literacy and physical education in public schools.  All of this while balancing being a husband and father to three children.

​​​​​​​What you do not know about Jay he is one of the rare human beings who can relate, connect and garner respect and influence from everyone he comes in contact with whether it be gang members in the streets of South Central Los Angeles, CEOs in the board room or Senators in Washington DC.  This is what success and leadership looks like.

#048 - Cindy Ambuehl - Balancing A Big Career and Being Mom to 7 Boys

Cindy Ambuehl is one of the most successful luxury home real estate brokers in the nation and ranks highly among the Realtrends/Wall Street Journal Top 250 agents in the country.  She is also a mom to 7 boys who are all major division 1 athletes and married to Don Diamont AKA "Sign Bitch" one of the most famous international television soap stars in the world.

In this episode we take a deep dive into Cindy's first career as a successful modlel and actress for 22 years including her famous guest role on "Seinfeld".  We discuss the grinding long hours it takes to be a successful working actor, juggling multiple shows and how her worth ethic and time management skills translated perfectly into the highstakes world of Los Angeles Westside real estate.

Cindy gives us a peak behind the curtain into her world and how she pivots from being mom, to wife, to power broker and back again all in a days work.  You will never look at work-life balance the same way again.

@Cindyambuehl @ dondiamont @dannybrownla @thedealpod

#047 - Todd Richards - Snowboarding Legend Puts the Sport on the Map

Todd Richards is legend in professional snowboarding and took the world by storm in the 1990s championing the underground sport into the mainstream culture.  He cemented its legitimacy as a professional sport in the Winter Olympics in 1998 and paved the way for Shawn White and so many other elite professional athletes who have taken the sport to an entirely different level.

Today the professional snowboarding and action sports industry looks very different with children growing up as fans watching their favorite professional snowboarders, surfers and skaters on TV like the other major professional sports. Snow/surf culture has grown globally and influenced fashion, music, sports and the modern lifestyle. This was not the case in the 1980s and 1990s when pioneers of the sport like Todd Richards introduced the “skate style” and pushed snowboarding to new heights which forced the world to take notice.  

Todd has won countess World championships including multiple US open halfpipe titles, X Games Gold Medals and was a member of the 1998 US Olympic halfpipe team in Nagano, Japan. He is the subject of a documentary entitled “Me, Myself and I” and published an autobiography P3: Parks, Pipes and Powder. He produces a series called Podcasts for Quicksilver and has been NBC’s official color announcer for snowboarding where he has covered the Olympic Games in Torino, Vancouver, Sochi and Pyongchang. He currently hosts a popular podcast called “The Monday Mass” ( which covers action sports news and inside scoops and spends his free time with his wife and children surfing in Encinitas.  

In this episode we lament on the early days of skate and snowboarding, coming up in the game and pushing the envelope and creating a foundation and legacy for generations of athletes to come. We also discuss the challenges of parenting young athletes and encouraging and nurturing them without burning them out and taking the fun out of it. Todd and his wife Lindsay are good friends and wonderful, down to earth people. I assure I will paddle out with Todd a few times this summer in Encinitas!

@btoddrichards @dannybrownla @thedealpod

#046 - Kevin Millar - Boston Red Sox Cult Hero and Four Days in October We Will Never Forget

When Kevin Millar predicted the Boston Red Sox would come back from a 3-0 deficit in the 2004 ALCS to beat the powerhouse Yankees in “Four Days in October” it sparked perhaps the greatest comeback in sports history.  Kevin Millar is one of the most inspirational sports stories of our generation and played a pivotal role for the Boston Red Sox first world championship since 1918, ending the infamous curse of the Bambino.

For the past nine years Kevin has been the co-host of Intentional Talk on the MLB Network with Chris Rose @crose127.  Kevin’s story is a lesson in mental toughness, grit and an against all odds mindset.  His pure passion and love of the game propelled him to overcome insurmountable odds and impossible obstacles on his way to a storied 12 year big league Baseball career highlighted by a World Series championship with the Boston Red Sox in 2004 and 170 career home runs.

This is a special episode for me as Kevin is one of my lifelong friends since childhood and we have experienced many triumphs and excruciating heartbreaks on and off the field together.  We were teammates and close friends since elementary school and remain very close to this day.  Ultimately, Kevin became an inspirational symbol of anything’s possible in life, and when my big league dreams ended after college, Kevin graciously invited me to live vicariously through him for over a decade.   I’m forever grateful to Kevin for taking me along for the ride and proving to us all that no dream is too big and no goal is out of reach.  To get a taste of what Kevin’s about watch the ESPN 30 for 30 series “Four Days in October” about the Red Sox historic comeback against the Yankees.  Cowboy up!

#045 - Ray Nosrati - Designing Hillside Estates For High Profile Celebrities and Athletes

The Leonard Steinberg Team has consistently been one of the top ten teams in the nation based out of New York City.  But Leonard, Chief Evangelist at Compass, is so much more than a powerhouse luxury broker in the big Apple.  He is a sage and a source of wisdom, taste, kindness and knowledge in an industry that has been drowning in slick, gimmicky, unscrupulous brokers fueled by ridiculous reality TV shows.   

In this Corona virus special Leonard takes the time to discuss the issues of our day and the hope for a new beginning where real estate brokers emerge from the crisis enlightened and ready to add value to their clients and communities.   Leonard is one of the good guys in our industry.  If you want a taste of his brilliance he writes a poignant daily blog which covers real estate, economic data, social trends, human nature and everything important.

#044 - Leonard Steinberg -  The Sage of Residential Real Estate - Can he Save our Industry Culture?

The Leonard Steinberg Team has consistently been one of the top ten teams in the nation based out of New York City.  But Leonard, Chief Evangelist at Compass, is so much more than a powerhouse luxury broker in the big Apple.  He is a sage and a source of wisdom, taste, kindness and knowledge in an industry that has been drowning in slick, gimmicky, unscrupulous brokers fueled by ridiculous reality TV shows.

In this Corona virus special Leonard takes the time to discuss the issues of our day and the hope for a new beginning where real estate brokers emerge from the crisis enlightened and ready to add value to their clients and communities.   Leonard is one of the good guys in our industry.  If you want a taste of his brilliance he writes a poignant daily blog which covers real estate, economic data, social trends, human nature and everything important. @theleonardsteinbergteam

#043 -  Bradley Goldenberg - The State of the Real Estate Market in London

Bradley Goldenberg (@bradley.goldenberg) is the Co-Founder of Square Dial Real Estate Capital Partners in London where he and his partner David Adler invest and develop commercial real estate and partner with Sovereign Wealth Funds and family offices. He grew up in Hampstead North London and entered the family business, Goldenberg & Company, which was the leading High Street luxury retail broker on Bond Street in the 70s, 80s and 90s. In 2002, they helped acquire and develop the ground breaking Harrods Trevor Square residential mixed use development which was the first of its kind in London.

​​​​​​​Over the years Bradley has been involved with over $2B of retail, office, industrial, residential and hotel transactions and is one of the most respected and experienced real estate people in London. In this conversation, Bradley breaks down the London market after Brexit and what is happening now with Coronavirus. In 2019 UK was the second biggest market in Europe with $55B in real estate volume with and over the past 30 days the transactions have halted. So what's next for London real estate? Hear it right from the horses mouth.

#042 - Chris Rising - Inside the Epicenter Of A Covid-19 Real Estate Crisis

Chris Rising is the co-founder and CEO of Rising Realty who own and operate over 5,000,000 SF of office towers which have redefined the explosive resurgence of Downtown Los Angeles.  He has been through multiple recessions and downturns and has been mentored and counseled by some of commercial real estates biggest legends including Robert Maguire, John Cushman and his father Nelson Rising.Chris is sitting at the epicenter of the Covid-19 Crisis and how it is crushing tenants, landlords, lenders and thousands of employees.

​​​​​​​In this episode Chris walks us through what he has been doing to protect his employees and assets and how the government PPP Loans could save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of workers. We also discuss his life story and career arc including his football hay days as a middle linebacker at Loyola High and Duke University.

#041 Robert Reffkin - CEO and Founder of Compass - How He Built Compass Into the Gold Standard

Robert Reffkin @robertreffkin was raised by a single Jewish mother who was disowned from her family because Roberts father was African American. Her entrepreneurial ethos and hustle as a real estate agent impacted Robert deeply and was ingrained in him at an early age.   Receiving his BA and MBA from Columbia set Robert on a path to career success at McKinsey, Goldman Sachs and as a White House fellow.  On a personal note he has run 50 marathons in 50 states to raise money for children living below the poverty line and is a husband and father to three young children. 

In 2012 he launched Compass with Ori Allon @ori.allen,  a brilliant tech engineer who has sold his previous two companies to Twitter and Google.  They started with 7 employees. Today Compass is the largest independent real estate brokerage in America with over 16,000 agents and 2,000 employees.  The best in class line up of executives and advisers include Joseph Sirosh CTO (head of AI at Microsoft), Kristen Ankerbrabdt CFO (Led technology investments at The Carlyle Group), Greg Gart CPO (launched and led Amazon Echo and Alexa) and recent board additions Eileen Murray (Co-CEO Bridgewater ) and Pamela Thomas-Graham (Lead Independent director on the board of The Clorox Company, Peloton and Norwegian Cruse Lines Holdings).

​​​​​​​In this episode Robert and Danny discuss Roberts life story, the lessons he’s learned a long the way and how Compass is poised to thrive and grow in these challenging times, while many brokerages will be shrinking, shuttering and looking for help to stay a float.

#040 - Richard Shamooilian - Restoring Historic Buildings and The Family Business

Richard Shamooilian is an expert in adaptive reuse real estate and transforming old historic buildings from Santa Monica to Downtown LA into cool, modern, creative office space. He is also one of my best friends making this a very personal conversation. Richie along with his Brother Allen and father Jack have turned their family business Kings Arch into one of the most dynamic and creative developers and property managers in Los Angeles. This is a story about building a flourishing, sustainable family business based on a foundation of trust, loyalty and respect. This is also an immigrant story about Jack coming to America with nothing and achieving the American Dream. This is what it takes to build and run a successful family business in today’s complex world.

#039 Josh Levine - How the Coachella Effect Influenced a New Generation of Artists

Josh Levine is an influential taste maker and marketer who cut his teeth in the early hay days of hip-hop and street culture.  After being a journalist for many well known hip-hop Magazines such as Source, Vibe, XXL and Urb he pivoted into Artist management and played an instrumental  role in building brand partnerships for Urb magazine. This led to a flouring career in brand marketing with a focus on strategic partnerships with influential artists and pop culture icons.

We discuss the “Coachella Effect” where all musical genres blended together to create a new normal in music and pop culture breaking down cultural, sociological and artistic barriers that had existed in the music industry for decades. Look at the diverse lines ups for the first three or four Coachella Festivals and you will  be blown away.

​​​​​​​This is an insiders view of the story of the dramatic evolution of pop culture and the maturation of the recording industry over the past 25 years.

#038 Josh Levine - Who is the Biggest Home Builder in America? Tommy Beadel - cofounder ceo Thomas James Homes

Tommy Beadel is the Largest single family home in fill developer in the the United States. This means he has about 200 custom homes being built through out the westside of Los Angeles at any given time.

In neighborhoods such as Brentwood, Palisades, Santa Monica, Westwood, Cheviot Hills, Beverlywood, Beverly Hills Post Office, Mar Vista and Culver City. These properties are generally selling for $2M to $7M which is a Phenomenal value for a new home on the westside of Los Angeles.

The scale and efficiency of Thomas James Homes is unprecedented in the residential development industry. Their extraordinary success led them to partner with powerhouse Oaktree Capital who acquired Thomas James Homes in 2018.  This allows TJH to accelerate their expansion plans into Silicon Valley, Seattle and other booming single family markets.

​​​​​​​From their humble beginnings the Ethos of this company has been to put the brokers first and always reward them by paying them a full fee and giving them the listing on any deals they bring to the table. This respect and loyalty towards brokers has allowed Thomas James Homes to scale into the unique custom home building juggernaut they are today.

#037 - Jon Orlando - Gambling with Michael Jordan more Wild Stories on The action Junkeez Podcast

Jon Orlando is the creator and host of the Action Junkeez podcast and Vegas Junkeez podcast based out of Las Vegas. He is also Hollywood royalty and the son of Tony Orlando.  Growing up in Los Angeles, Jon, like many of us, was all about playing baseball and watching the Dodgers win under Tommy Lasorda.

His career started as a young stand-up comedian where he opened up for his father and other legends such as Paul Anka, Tom Jones, The Temptations and Dionne Warwick. After years on the road, Jon’s entrepreneurial spirit led him in a new direction.

He started working as a publicist for professional athletes and models and eventually launched his own PR-marketing boutique. Through the years, Jon O has had various consulting and marketing roles for entertainment/news media start-ups and his career has come full circle with the launch of his podcast focusing on UFC/MMA fighting, boxing, poker and all action sports.

Michael Bisping, Bruce Buffer, Laci Kay Somers and Russell Peters are just a few of his recent guests. Action Junkeez will be doing a 24-hour podcast, March 5th at 8pm to March 6 at 8pm, which will be live on Facebook. Jon O has been hustling and grinding in front of and behind the camera for over 25 years.

​​​​​​​He has had doors opened and shut and continues to push his business forward. This is a great story of the relentless pursuit of success and pivoting when the opportunities arise. Being self aware and understanding your strengths is another critical lesson we learn in this episode.

#036 - Fred Krueger - What is blockchain and crypto?

After getting his PHD in statistics from Stanford Fred has gone on to start and exit 9 successful companies in the technology space including iwin, Tagworld, trafficmarketplace and many others. His new venture EOS LYNX ( is a block chain platform with a wallet which just launched in 2020 gaining over 50,000 users in the first seven days. They are the first mass market crypto wallet for the everyday consumer and it is catching on like wildfire. With Lynx you can get coins by playing games, trading tokens and you can digitally hire and pay someone with Lynx. This is the future of everything and Fred breaks down blockchain, crypto and how it will touch and  influence every industry moving forward.

#035 -Stryker - What it Takes to Become a Successful Radio DJ and Pop Culture Influencer

Stryker and I grew up together playing baseball at West L.A. little league and then played against each other at rival high schools (me at University vs. he at Palisades). When I was in the music industry, we spent a lot of time together going to shows, festivals and recording studios. In the late 90’s, Stryker turned the alternative rock genre on its head and influenced a massive shift in music and popular culture forever.

The new era, which I call the “Coachella effect” or the fusion of all genres of music and the disintegration of boundaries between musical artists was upon us. Alternative rock music evolved and expanded to envelop hip hop, electronica, punk, heavy metal, ska, reggae and rock in a seamless, undefinable genre. This new, complex era of youth culture needed a dynamic ambassador and Stryker was a natural fit.

​​​​​​​20 years and dozens of music festivals later, Stryker is still a vital voice in alternative music and pop culture. He has done several TV shows including Loveline with Dr. Drew, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Audience on DirecTV and still hosts the daily Stryker and Klein show on KROQ 106.7 everyday from 3pm-7pm.

#034 - A real estate agent can't work 24/7 and be effective...Happy Holidays!

It’s important to take time off to  recharge and clear your mind. We work in a 24-7 world and if we do not take time off of the grind we will inevitably burn out. To optimize your performance take a step back, rest your body and mind, spend some quality time with your family and friends, explore new places, have fun, and know your clients and deals will still be there when you get back.  Happy, healthy holidays!

#033 - The real estate purchase agreement contract for real estate agents

As a professional real estate agent, there is no excuse to not know the contract inside and out. Doctors and lawyers spend years studying their trade before they’re allowed to work in their field. Have you spent years studying the contract and all the other fundamental elements you need to know to be an expert real estate agent?  Drop what you’re doing and sit down and study every line of the contract and all of the nuances and variables that come into play in a transaction. This is a good jumping off point for any real estate agent that wants to perform at a professional level. Know the fundamentals.  It takes years of experience to become an expert and there are no short cuts.  Put in the time.  I’m out!

#032 - Michael Levine - PR icon who represented Michael Jackson and dozens of other super stars

If there’s someone who has seen it all and done it all in the entertainment industry it’s Michael Levine who has represented 58 Academy Award winners, 34 Grammy Award winners and 34 NY Times best sellers. He shares his insights on why millennials are shooting them selves in the foot and why there’s so much opportunity for young people who are willing to put in the time and hustle and grind. The formula for massive success is simple but there is a reason why so few people are able reach superstar status. Michael shares the secret sauce for success on this episode of The Deal with Danny Brown.

#031 - Real Estate Agents Need to Educate Their Clients

As markets inevitably shift every 7-10 years it is imperative for great brokers to educate their clients. If you don’t manage your buyers and sellers expectations up front prior to going on the market, or before you get into escrow, you’ll have a very high cancellation rate and more deals will fall a part. This is starting to happen more often on the westside as we Transition out of the extended sellers market and into a normalized or balanced market. The skilled, experienced agents shine in times like this and strong agents will pick up market share as buyers and sellers make a flight to quality. Clients will become much more selective when hiring a listing agent or buyers agent and Inexperienced agents and agents without tight skills will be exposed.

#030 - Tracy Tutor - Bravo's Million Dollar Listing LA star lands a $500M listing in Malibu

Tracy Tutor is the only female cast member to star on Million Dollar Listing and she owns it. Why shouldn’t she? She grew up in a real estate family, her father Ron Tutor (Tutor Perini) is the country’s largest commercial general contractor and is currently building the metro purple line extension in Los Angeles, and Tracy had a flourishing brokerage business long before she joined the cast of MDLLA. She is chic, savvy, witty and gorgeous and hustles like there’s no tomorrow. Tune in as Tracy gives us the inside scoop on the cast members of Million Dollar Listing and her new $500M listing portfolio in Malibu which includes multiple one of a kind homes.

#029 - Compass REtreat in South Beach Miami

The Compass REtreat in South Beach was fire!  Over 1600 agents and executives from around the country attended.  We had incredible speakers like Steve Shull, Tom Ferry, Robert Reffkin and Leonard Steinberg, a fun beach party brunch with yoga, massage and IV treatment stations, a massive warehouse dance party in Wynwood and a fantastic day hanging out at the Miami Dolphins Hardrock stadium. The culture and ethos of this company is real.  What you see is what you get.  Hard working, forward thinking, kind hearted people trying to help everyone find their place in the world. If you’re at Compass, like me, you are grateful.  If you are not at Compass, GET HERE NOW and you’ll never look back. 

#028 - Greg Shain - Building the $100m Home

Greg Shain, principal of Shain Development, has been building luxury estates on the Westside of Los Angeles for decades.  He’s built several high end properties in Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and Beverly Hills on spec and is a coveted custom home builder for ultra high net worth clients. Like so many developers the sting of the Great Recession a decade ago forced Greg to re-evaluate his business model. Today he’s building a handful of mega mansions for wealthy clients and is much more selective and conservative with high risk spec projects. Hear what it takes to have the stomach and the balls to tackle high end spec development, and the painful lessons learned along the way.

#027 - Discount Broker Gets a Discount Price

In our business the discount broker almost always means expect A discounted price on your sale listed by an agent with limited skill. If you are a seller you are nuts to do this. If you are a buyer your only chance to get a house is to go after a house no one else Wants, or pay dramatically more than anyone else which ive Aeen several times when buyers are represented by a discount broker. Like everything in life you get what you pay for. Hire a seasoned broker who you like and trust and don’t waste your time or money on a discount broker.

#026 - Matt Hannaford - One of major league baseballs most successful agents gives us an inside look

In 2010, Matt Hannaford left the legendary Beverly Hills Sports Council and joined Dan Lozano to form MVP Sports Group. Together they’ve represented some of the biggest names in baseball, including Albert Puljos, Manny Machado, Joey Votto, Josh Donaldson, Kurt Suzuki, Alex Rodriguez, Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Beltran, Mike Piazza, Nick Swisher, Brian Wilson and several other up and coming major league super stars.

Earlier this year, Matt negotiated the largest free agent contract in American sports history for Manny Machado ($300 million over 10 years). Matt and I dive deep into the life and obstacles of a professional baseball player, the mindset of a young prospect, deciding on going to play in college or signing a pro contract out of high school and surviving the minor league grind, which is a nightmare.

​​​​​​​He also touches on the misinformation being fed to parents in youth baseball around the country and why year round travel ball/club teams are usually detrimental to your children.

#025 - Stacy Feinberg - Navigating The World of High Stakes Divorce

As the head of the family law department at Cypress, LLP Stacy is involved with high stakes divorce proceedings on a daily basis. Whether it be division of high value property and assets, child custody disputes , complex business valuations or drug and alcohol related issues it’s all in a days work for Stacy Feinberg. With all of the chaos and drama swirling around her Stacy takes a calm, even keeled approach (when possible) and counsels clients to mediate settlements that are in the best interests of their children and their own long term mental, physical and spiritual health. She’s funny and brilliant and has the hook ups in Aspen which is helpful during high season. And let’s face it, it’s damn refreshing to find an elite level attorney that doesn’t feel it’s necessary to get into a long, drawn out multiple million dollar divorce dispute!!

#024 - Is Your Escrow Company Performing?

Real estate agents have to rely on escrow companies, title companies and inspectors to provide expertise and guidance for our clients throughout the transaction. It’s imperative to have reliable, detail oriented escrow officers that can proactively handle the transaction with flawless execution no matter how busy they get or how many files they are managing. That is their job and when they don’t do it consistently it make us real estate agents look really bad. Stakes are very high in luxury real estate, one mistake by an escrow officer could cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in future referrals. Make sure your escrow officer is on point or find one that is.

#023 - Andrew Kirsh - Reverse Engineering the Modern Law Firm & Aligning Interests With Their Clients

Co-founder of Sklar Kirsh and one of Los Angeles' preeminent real estate attorneys, Andrew has carved out an entrepreneurial niche where he participates in deals with his clients when asked. The firm has also taken on traditional global powerhouse law firms head-on by being more nimble to adapt to emerging trends and client's micro needs at rates which are more competitive. The strategy has proven successful with over 30 attorneys focused on real estate, entertainment, corporate mergers and acquisitions, litigation and technology. Andrew happens to be a phenomenal athlete who played collegiate baseball at Northwestern who somehow led his softball team, the associates for hire, in the biggest upset in LA softball history defeating my team, the legendary Westside Moose in the Los Angeles city softball championship.

#022 - Is doomsday coming or just a healthy correction in the market place?

Are we about to fall into another recession or are we experiencing the ups and downs of a normal market?

#021 - Dr. Sherry Yafai - Medicinal cannabis is revolutionizing health care

Sherry Yafai, MD is an emergency medicine physician who has transitioned into cannabis based medicine at St. John’s Providence Hospital in Santa Monica. Dr. Sherry graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA in neuroscience and graduated from medical school at the prestigious University of California, San Diego. When recreational cannabis became legalized in California in 2017, it opened the flood gates to new possibilities in patient treatment and healthcare.

Sherry founded the Releaf Institute ( and is paving the way for traditional doctors and health care professionals to integrate Cannabis medicine and treatment into their practice. Although there's still strong political push back there is also overwhelming scientific evidence and thousands of patients who have been treated successfully including pediatrics, seizures, cancer, HIV, pain management, anxiety/depression and so many other chronic health issues and life threatening diseases.

Sherry is the Co-Vice President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, a member of the UCLA Cannabis Initiative and a distinguished speaker for UCSD Center for Medical Cannabis Research and multiple medical programs. In 2018, she was accepted as an Adjunct Associate Professor at John Wayne Cancer Institute working with cannabis and cancer research.

​​​​​​​This year, Dr. Yafai has worked with the Los Angeles community to put together the first ever CME approved Medical Cannabis Conference designed to educate the healthcare community on dosing, indications and legal perspectives in the recreationally legal setting of California, including the Medical Board of California, the LA County of Public Health, the Department of Cannabis Regulations for LA, the Clinical and Cannabinoids Research Journal and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. She currently sits on the Advisory Board for Canopy Health International and is a lead expert for cannabis education throughout the country.

#020 - Darrell M. Blocker - The real Life 007 and his storied 28-year career in the CIA

Darrell M. Blocker recently retired from the CIA after a storied 28-year career battling terrorism and other dangerous threats to US citizens and US interests. His life of espionage has taken him to many countries and he is a subject matter expert on Iran, North Korea and Counterterrorism. He held many prestigious positions including Chief of Station, Chief of Africa Division, Deputy Director of the CounterTerrorism Center and Head of Training at the iconic CIA training facility.

​​​​​​​In August 2019, Darrell was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and he’s currently an ABC News Contributor and creative producer of original content and consulting for various entertainment studios and media companies. This episode is dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives during 9-11 and all the first responders, police, military and intelligence officers like Darrell who risk their lives everyday to keep our families safe. The CIA is the successor to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and was created via the National Security Act of 1947 which was enacted on 18 September 1947.

#019 - Dog Days of Summer for Real Estate Agents and some Record High Home Sales?

It’s the dog days of summer for real estate agents on the westside of Los Angeles and although the pace of activity slows down we have had a few record High Sales. The manor (Petra’s$ $119.75m is the highest sale of all time in Los Angeles and Ardie Tavangarian’s Sarbonne Road estate sold for a hefty $75m. As real estate agents it is time to catch our breaths, spend some time with our loved ones, travel somewhere new and take some time off to reflect. The 4th quarter of the year is around the corner and soon it will be go time again.

#018 - James Farrior - Pittsburgh Steelers legend and two time Super Bowl champion

James Farrior, a Pittsburgh Steelers legend and two time Super Bowl champion, sits down with Danny Brown to discuss his biggest hits, toughest running backs to bring down, transitioning to life after the NFL and his toughest assignment yet, being a dad.

#017 - Andrew Shulkind - The future of entertainment & how technology will take it to a new level

Andrew Shulkind is a seasoned award winning cinematographer by trade but has spent the last two decades immersing himself in emerging technologies which enhance the entertainment experience like AI, VR and XVR. As a consultant for global powerhouse companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Nike, Microsoft, NBA, Livenation, Oculus, Samsung, Riot Games and many more, Andrew has lead the movement of experiential entertainment. Imagine if you can watch the NBA finals or the World Series from your couch and feel like you are sitting courtside at Staples or on top of the Green Monster at Fenway. Well, you can.

#016 - Dolphins and Sharks

In this cut throat industry of high end luxury real estate you always have to watch your back. Stakes are high and there’s always people trying to take you down. One of my biggest lessons learned early in my career is to cultivate and respect your relationships with other brokers. In a sea of blood thirst sharks I choose to be a dolphin.

#015 - Steve Shull - playing for the Miami Dolphins and his path to real estate coaching greatness

Steve Shull was a Captain for the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII when Washington Redskins Hall Of Fame running back John Riggins ran over a Dolphins defender and broke off a 43 yard touchdown on a 4th and 1 play which is still known as one of the most defining moments in Super Bowl history. This run overshadowed what may have been the biggest hit in Super Bowl history when Steve Shull knocked the Redskins Clarence Harmon unconscious on a key block that led To a touch down that gave the Dolphins the lead before succumbing to the Redskins in the second half.

#014 - People keep asking me why I left The Agency

It’s time to set the record straight. I left The Agency to pursue an incredible opportunity at Compass. To say I am happy about my decision to join Compass is an understatement but not because something was wrong at The Agency. The guys treated me very well at The Agency and I have nothing but respect and appreciation for them and what they’ve achieved and will continue to achieve in the years to come. There’s nothing wrong with healthy competition so lets turn the page and get back to work.

#013 - Laura Wilson - Living the American Dream

Laura Wilson was born and raised in communist Romania in a small town called Radauti where socialism reigned supreme and creature comforts like daily hot showers were non existent. Food was rationed, you owned one pair of shoes and opportunities for advancement in society were scarce.

#012 - Thank you WSJ for naming me a top 200 real estate agent in the nation out of 2 Million agents

My shameless plug. I am honored and grateful to be recognized by the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends for being ranked as one of the top 200 Real Estate Agents in the nation by sales volume out of 2,000,000 agents.

#011 - Ross Gerber - Reinventing a New Generation of Wealth Managers

With close to $1 Billion of assets under management Ross Gerber, is one of the most prominent investors around the globe followed by tens of thousands of investors on social media. He is a frequent guest on CNN, CNBC, Fox Business News, and Reuters, as well as a contributing writer for

#010 - New Construction and the Buyers Dilemma

The closing date on new construction is always a moving target which frustrates buyers and developers to no end.

#009 - Josh Lobel - A holistic investor who focuses on making positive change for companies

Josh Lobel is an extraordinary human being and one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met.  He co-founded and for over a decade was the Co-Managing Partner of Archer Capital, which focused on investing in companies undergoing some form of operational or strategic transition. Subsequent to this discussion, Josh founded Centerline Capital Management in partnership with Platinum Equity to focus on operational change thesis minority investments in public equities. But his impressive bio doesn’t do him justice.

​​​​​​​Josh is a veracious reader, an avid pilot, and a dedicated husband and father of five including, 2 sets of twins. Josh is a champion For the men and women who have served in our military and intelligence agencies who lack the services and support that they desperately need when they return to life as civilians. He is on the Board of Directors of Cedar Sinai and involved with many other important non-profit organizations.  Ladies and gentleman, school is in session.

#008 - The Squatter vs. The Landlord

This week on The Deal, Danny shares a recent story about a run in he had with a squatter.

#007 - Joey Miller - Curating the retail experience in the modern world

Joey Miller (aka the prince of Beverlywood) is the developer behind the Platform in Culver City. Joey has consulted on many other best in breed retail developments such as Rick Caruso’s Palisades Village, The Row in DTLA and up coming high profile projects in San Francisco and New York. Joey travels the globe to chase down the perfect blend of unique boutique brands to create one of a kind curated retail experiences. In this podcast he take us through his first big break and how his fearlessness led him into some unbelievably fortunate circumstances which he capitalized on.

#006 - Jay Luchs - The King of High Street Retail

The world's top retail broker breaks down his grueling journey from the early days of endless cold calling to making some of the biggest, most high profile Rodeo Drive deals ever. He loves car chases, Lily’s burritos and gourmet vegan ice cream and could very well be Los Angeles’ most eligible bachelor. Plus, we both are obsessed with Dan Tanas and Craig’s which has no relevance to anything, but means a lot to Jay.

#005 - Bob Skibinski - Luxury home builder and Boston sports fanatic

Bob Skibinski, a Boston native and Ray Donovan look-a-like, packed his bags for California and never looked back. Now 25 years later he’s one of Los Angeles’ elite builders and still a die hard Boston sports fanatic. From Paul Pierce’s Celtics to Kevin Millar's Red Sox and everything in between. How about dem apples?

#004 - Bryan B. - 5th Generation Angeleno, Ag Farming and the Biggest Avocado Farmer in the US

Bryan B. is the largest avocado Ag farmer in the US and a late blooming soul surfer to the core. We speak about how he is dealing with the recent devastation of his farms in the California fires and why obstacles are always a part of business and life. We also speak about his steadfast commitment to giving back and philanthropy and his new role as the president of the federation’s real estate and construction Divison (REC). Finally, enjoy our new segment, The Deal, where I open up about what is going on in my life. Thank you for listening!

#003 - Terry Heller - How NWA changed the world forever

Terry was very close to his uncle Jerry Heller who founded Ruthless Record. This put Terry at the epicenter of the birth of the gangsta rap movement. He tells us about life in the studio and growing up with music legends Dr. Dre, Easy E, Ice Cube, NWA, the doc and how they changed the world and popular culture forever. Later Terry pivoted into real estate development and founded the successful  Plan Check restaurant concepts which he recently sold.

#002 - Alison Palevsky - Interior Design influencer and tastemaker

Alison Palevsky is a true tastemaker and influencer in the world of interior design and lifestyle curation. She’s designed some of the most tasteful, significant  homes in Los Angeles, aspen and Mexico and is one of the most sought after designers on the planet. She has her own line of furniture and does all of this while juggling a full family life with husband, children, schools and a lot of travel. You can find Alison at and @palevsky_co

#001 - Jim Travers - Tenant Rep Icon Negotiates Blockbuster Office Deals

Jim Travers, the Godfather of Tenant Rep, discusses how he got his start in New York commercial real estate, moving to Los Angeles in the 1970s when it was wide open, some of his biggest deals and disappointments and how the commercial real estate landscape has changed.

With $10B in deal volume, Jim is one of the most successful real estate brokers of all time. Hear what makes him tick and how he did it on the premiere podcast launch episode of THE DEAL WITH DANNY BROWN!

You can check out Jim below:

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